A Complete Guide to Creating Home Organization Centers

Home organization centers, also known as command centers, are a great way to keep you and the other household members on the same page concerning schedules and keeping organized. Moreover, you can incorporate your organization center to fit your home decor by matching the color scheme and design. In addition, command centers are a great way to make home organization much more efficient and easier. Finally, home organization centers also help kids fit into a healthy routine to help with their growth development and give them some responsibility regarding helping keep the home tidy.

Where to put your home organization center

Generally, families place their home organization center on a wall by the front door or the kitchen. Although moreover, it is a good idea to keep your command center in an area that is often used; there’s no point in keeping your home organization center in the garage where it will barely see the light of day. Once you have decided where your home organization center will be, you will know your space limits. From this point, you can start planning and designing what will be in your home organization center.

What to put in your home organization center

This part of the center is subjective, as every family has different plans and routines; however, some items are highly recommended you include in your home organization center. For example, a dry-erase calendar to take note of important dates throughout the year, a board to display weekly meal plans, weekly chores for various household members, your shopping list, and important papers you want to keep in sight, so you dont forget about them, are items you may wish to include in your home organization center. In addition, many like to install hooks by their command center if it is by their front door. The hooks can hang your house keys, car keys, hats, et cetera. Generally, the hooks hold items you can’t forget when leaving the house. Overall, what’s in your home organization center is up to you, but there are a few things you should consider using that will make your common center effective.

Get creative!

You dont want an eye sore hanging on your wall; therefore, feel free to make your home organization center fun and colorful. Moreover, if you keep the home’s color scheme intact, you can match the colors of your command center to the furniture and decor of the room in which your home organization center is kept. Furthermore, hang up your family photos and the kids’ artwork around the command center to make it feel more personal to you and your family. In addition, you can hang up a chalkboard for quotes to give you and your family some daily or weekly inspiration. Finally, consider keeping some baskets around your command center for stationery and paper to allow your family to add to the center. You’re free to unleash your creative side here, so just have fun with it.

Final Notes

In short, a command center is a great way to ensure your home stays organized and keeps everyone on the same page. So remember to design and create your own home organization center; it’s worth it.